Google Attribution

Free, holistic and informative. Set to release in the first quarter of 2018, this is what we expect Google’s new Attribution Tool will deliver. The tool will collate all digital data from marketing efforts to trace the customer journey up until the converted goal of action. Google Attribution will integrate with AdWords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Searches. It takes into account the range of conversion paths that are in play on different advertising platforms.


Importantly, Google Attribution will redefine how marketers accurately allocate success to the digital channel that won customer engagement. Traditionally, the last click has been held responsible for winning the customer’s interaction. For example, the conversion of an e-shot into a sale through opening a link that leads to a purchase. However, this ignored the multiple touch points that influenced the call to action process such as remarketing ads or social media promotions.


With this valuable insight into trends and performance of marketing strategies, Google Attribution should initiate a more cost-effective analysis of online activities. It returns with precise data to enable businesses to make better decisions and allocate smarter budgets to their different channels.


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