When the new EU General Data Protection Regulations come into force on the 25th May 2018, all contact data stored in company records must be held and used with consent from its owners with proof of the data subject’s personal confirmation.

GDPR Best Practice

Up until the new enforcement, companies have been able to acquire email addresses through single opt in procedures, like giving their contact details without choice of mailing lists they are placed in. Now however, the EU regulators stipulate that consent must be “freely given” and “unambiguous.”

Handling contact information such as email addresses is an important asset to marketing departments in businesses as they rely on the free communication to a far-reaching audience. This is why it is advisable companies start planning for GDPR compliance NOW and legally consolidating their contacts.

According to official legislation, marketers will have to follow a double-opt in procedure which is essential for responsible marketing practices.


Begin the opt-in process NOW with existing contacts. Send an email to all data subjects requesting they opt-in to continue receiving your company’s emails. Send follow up emails if initial requests are ignored.



Make the opt-in process as effortless as possible if you want to secure your email audience. Do not ask for inordinate information other than confirming the email address otherwise, time consuming forms will deter your contacts from subscribing.


3.Say thanks!

Once a contact has confirmed their email address and preferences, the should receive an automatic response thanking them for updating their subscription management.


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