Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition helps you find and grow leads

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Our Dynamics users are poised to be among the first businesses to reap the benefits of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, when two new tools are released to put LinkedIn to work in lead generation and recruitment.  With over 500m users, LinkedIn provides a rich seam of data, and integration with Dynamics will make mining it a lot easier. It will be available this July.

The new lead generation functionality, linking Dynamics 365 and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is particularly good news for many of Cloud 9 Insight customers, and we’re busy preparing for the launch. By July, we will be sure to have the support and expertise you need ready and waiting, so you can hit the ground running.

Having spent over $26bn (in cash!) on the acquisition, it was no surprise that Microsoft had big integration plans to integrate Office365, Dynamics365 and LinkedIn, but it’s good to see the key lead generation tool taking priority. It brings LinkedIn’s ability to help you find the right prospects together with Dynamics’ unrivalled processes for nurturing and building long-term relationships.

Microsoft’s pricing level is great, we think, and we’re determined to make implementation fast and economical.

If you aren’t already using CRM, this is yet another good reason to catch up and do so, sooner rather than later. With string of big value adds like this in the pipeline, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, more than ever, looking like the best choice if you want to level the playing field with big business.

We’re ready … are you?

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