FastTrack Dynamics 365

Move your digital transformation up a gear, with FastTrack for dynamics 365

We'll help you with every step of your CRM journey


Get up and running quickly, smoothly and expertly

Fast Track with Cloud9 Insight gives you expert guidance on a range of best practices.

These include architecture and design governance, data migration, integration and performance validation.

Going live isn't the end of the road. We've got your back

We'll get your onboard without any fuss and provide further help as you get the most from your new CRM.

We're here to give you the best possible experience along the way. Going live has never been easier.

Stay on track with Dynamics 365 and Cloud9 Insight

Our fabulous support team is here to help you get the most from Dynamics 365.

Through expert knowledge of Dynamics 365 and a close working relationship with Microsoft, we've got your back.

Go FastTrack with Dynamics 365

Sales conversation | Business Central from Dynamics 365


Move to the cloud and help your business grow. We'll quickly get your sales team up and running with Dynamics 265.

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Lead to opportunity automation
  • Quoting, taken form your product catalogue
  • Office 365 integration including, Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams
Business man in suit | Business Central from Dynamics 365


Exceed customer expectations by giving your team the power to excel.

  • Case and ticket management
  • Email to case automation
  • Account and contact management
  • Queues
  • SLAs and entitlements
  • Case linking to products
  • KnowledgeBase set-up
  • O365 integration including, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams
Marketers at work | Marketing from Dynamics 365


Give your sales team the power they need. Reduce your sales cycle, grow your business and hit your goals.

  • Generate new leads
  • Ensure your marketing and sales strategies work together
  • Make smarter decision
  • Future proof your decisions with a leading CRM
Postit planning | Projects from Dynamics 365

Project Service Automation

Empower users an overview of project sales, delivery and resourcing. Deliver projects, on time within budget and at a profit.

  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Optimise your resources
  • Forecast project ROI
  • Increase productivity
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

The benefits of FastTrack for Dynamics 365


  • Fast Deployment - 30 day delivery from requirements to training
  • Perfect for small teams with one core business process -sales or service
  • Ideal for a working proof of concept


  • Fixed, Low budget phase 1
  • Flexible licence and support agreements offered on a monthly rolling contract

Training + knowledge

Customer success

  • Best practice advice about sales, marketing and service processes to ensure the highest ROI and to create a long-term vision for how CRM will support the transformation of your business
  • Offers the functionality to support your business process

5 reasons you'll love FastTrack for Dynamics 365


A FastTrack project can have as short as a 14-day turnaround.


A single view of the customer – a 360-degree view of any stakeholder relationship and a central platform for managing all contact details.


Easy data import


1 day on-site training is all you need, but further support is always at hand.


One version of the truth – one common data set to enable a higher level of accuracy in business reporting

"We now have one source of truth"

”This has drastically changed the way we manage our sales process, manage our customer needs, and support our staff to make good decisions.

It has been an incredibly successful investment. The team at Cloud9 have been great!”

- Omar Daniel, Technical Lead

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