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Dynamics is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. In 2015 it was reported that over 40,000 companies, with over 4.4 million users were using Dynamics 365.

At Microsoft they are all about developing new ideas for their products, Dynamics 365 being one of these. When the Dynamics 365 online team over at Microsoft are planning an update for the product, they always preschedule updates and email all admins in the tenant 90 days before the planned date. Additional emails on this are also then sent out to admins following this at 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and the day before and the day of the update.

Within the vast array of Dynamics features you have the capability of creating and segmenting different accounts and contacts, creating specific marketing lists off of these. You can create templates to then send out to these marketing lists and report off the back of them.

When Dynamics 365 is purchased you get 5GB of cloud storage, depending on the licence type you can be eligible for more. If your tenant has more than 20 Professional licences then you get an additional 2.5GB, to a maximum of 50GB.

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Qualified nonprofit companies are eligible for a different pricing plan to the regular. This includes lower pricing options for the various Dynamics products.

Microsoft offer a level of support for their customers, this is generally over email and is on a contact back basis once a ticket is raised. At Cloud9 we offer Membership Support contracts which cover support issues (if our customers are to have any) and a level of customisations to suit business needs.

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