The Launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) opens up a lot of new features and functionality but what about those who already have Dynamics CRM?

When and how do these changes affect your licences?

I’ve already got Dynamics 365?

Microsoft have rebranded Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 across the board.  The tile in your Office365 portal, the admin centre etc. have all have been changed from CRM to 365. However unless you have reached your licence anniversary (renewal) date, you are still using Dynamics CRM.


When will I get Dynamics 365?

Your licences will automatically move over to Dynamics 365 on your annual renewal date. This date is exactly 1 year (or subsequent years) after the date you purchased your first Dynamics license. Whether you’re paying monthly or yearly, all licences have a renewal date.


Can I still buy a Dynamics CRM license?

Well, that depends on how you bought your licenses.
If it was from a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) like Cloud9 or another partner then yes, you can continue to add old CRM users up until your renewal date.

If you bought them any other way, then you can now only buy Dynamics 365 licences.


What do I do if I can no longer buy old Dynamics CRM licences?

If you did not purchase your licences through a CSP, then you will now need to purchase new Dynamics 365 licences. Dynamics 365 offers discounted transitional pricing for existing Dynamics CRM users. Contact the Cloud9 team for more details – 01273 921 510


Can I mix Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 user licenses?

Yes, and there will be no noticeable difference between the users. The new users will also enjoy some of the new Dynamics 365 features. The mix of licences will work seamlessly until the existing licences renewal dates where your business users will be unified on Dynamics 365.


What are the key benefits of Dynamics 365 for me?

Should you not want to introduce the Field Service, Project Service Automation or Financials applications to your business. There are some new features for customers who plan to carry on with just Sales and/or Service.

  • Additional Storage – Up from 5Gb to 10Gb as a base level, you also get additional storage @ 2.5Gb per 20 pro users, this now goes up to 5Gb per 20 full users (App or Plan’s) with Dynamics 365.
  • Non-Production Instance – The ability to have a test environment (A Sandbox). Dynamics CRM only offered this for businesses with over 25 users. Now there is no lower limit, you can enjoy a free test environment.
  • A free portal – giving you the ability to expose specified parts of Dynamics to your customers via a website.
  • Social Engagements – Again there was a lower limit previously on Dynamics CRM to enjoy Social Engagements. Now all users can enjoy this fantastic social listening tool for free with their licence.
  • Power BI – Reporting on steroids. Using Cortana technology, you can build reports in an instant using your Dynamics data. Another complimentary tool for Dynamics 365 subscribers.


All the licenses have changed.  I have a Professional CRM license, what do I buy now?

In Dynamics 365 the licenses have changed to a more role based, modular approach.  If you’re ‘in’ sales you will need the Sales App, if you’re ‘in’ customer service you will need to buy the Customer Service App, if you are a multi discipline team then you may need the Plan 1 or Sales/Service license.

Confused? Give us a call for a free licence audit for your business – 01273 921 510.


I have a Basic/Essential CRM license, what do I buy now?

If you are not tasked with creating records such as Leads, Opportunity or Cases in Dynamic’s CRM, then you may be able to use a new license called a Team Member. This has similar rights to the old basic license.

Again, if you’re unsure, we would welcome your call.

As an existing Dynamics CRM customer do I get discounted Dynamics 365 Licenses?

Yes, they are called Transition Licenses.
Microsoft have introduced a set of licenses for customers who are existing Dynamics CRM customers which are discounted from the Dynamics 365 full price.
They give you all the functionality of a D365 license and the discounted price is honoured valid for 3 years.
There is a new license for those customers who have Dynamics CRM licenses as well as those who bought Dynamics CRM as an add-on Office 365.


If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 921 510 or contact us here.