Introducing Inline Grid Editing

Are you a Sales Executive who’s ever wanted to update their opportunities quickly before starting a meeting? Well now you can. Inline Editing gives you the functionality to take your list views and update the estimated revenue, close date and other relevant information in bulk and fast!

I’m sure many of you use the export to excel feature where, opening your list view in excel online allows users to bulk edit records in an online or download excel file and save back in Dynamics.

Inline Editing D365 1

A feature that is less well known is the Inline Grid Editing. This function, released in the Fall 2016 update (Autumn for us Brits) encourages users to quickly update records without the need to open an excel file.

By simply clicking into your selected field, you can type in your data and update the field value directly from the view.

Inline Editing D365 2

Users are also welcome to make multiple changes by ‘tabbing’ to the next field in that row.

The padlock offers a protected field function which stops any amendments, inline.

This great tool must be enabled by a System Admin and can be enabled for certain entities only to suit.

If you’re on a Support Contract then please give us a call to enable Inline Editing or for any questions on the above, call the team on +44 1273 921510

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