Dynamics 365 Team Members

So on the 1st of November 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM became Dynamics 365. A suite of integrated applications supporting Sales, Service, Field Service, Project Service and/or Operations processes. Dynamics 365 encourages you to utilise any individual app, combination or all of the 5, to suit your business needs.

Dynamics 365 now also offers a low-cost, Team Member licence, which has been built as a successor to the old Essential CRM licence and in our opinion, Microsoft have made a brilliant job of it.

The Team Member licence is aimed at ‘light users’ who only require limited access across the apps.

This new licence structure presents a great opportunity for businesses to save money on their monthly subscriptions.

Example: An Administrator/EA/PA, who to this point has had no access to CRM and whose tasks are to ensure meetings are booked, follow ups are completed etc. By subscribing as a Team Member, they can now connect with the business database and ensure the smooth running and completion of admin tasks. These users have no need to create records but do require the contact information and capability to manage activities (tasks, appointments, emails etc.) for their team.

This exciting offer means there are now, no barriers for users to read and even edit information across the business. Furthermore, we foresee that collaboration and insight across the customer journey can now become a reality, delivering greater competitive advantage.

Dynamics 365 team members


Why are Team Members even more exciting?

The maximum price is £10 per user per month and the user will enjoy these key highlights:

  • Full read access across all Dynamics 365 Apps
  • Write access to Contacts, Accounts, Notes & Activities
  • Read/Write access to all custom entities
  • Reporting and access to Dashboards
  • Remote access on any device
  • Use of Advanced Find
  • Export to Excel
  • Mail merging

And many more!

Some of the noticeable functionality that Dynamics 365 Team Members does not include are:

  • Leads and Opportunity management
  • Marketing lists and Quick Campaigns
  • Case Management for Service
  • Products & price lists
  • Quotes & Orders


Some Cloud9 Insight – Team members would not be suitable to capably work within the Sales environment or for any perceived system admins. These users will require an App or Plan to suit.

To utilise Team Members in the most cost as well as operationally effective way; Businesses should seek to create a connected workforce and not waste money by giving staff functionality they do not need.

By ensuring staff only see what they need to, in Dynamics; This will, increase productivity and collaboration. By introducing new Team Members, the business will see improved communication sharing and basic task completion which aids the common goal we all strive for – an outstanding and consistent customer experience.


If you’d like to find out more about extending CRM to more users by introducing Team Members, then please get in touch. 01273 921 510 or sales@cloud9insight.com