DocuSign offers an integration with Dynamics 365, providing a simple way to send and obtain signatures. By streamlining your workflows, this effective integration offers a legal, digital solution for obtaining those necessary signatures from anywhere in the world and without the need to print and scan.

Benefits of DocuSign Add-on:

Documents can be signed efficiently with pre-populated information about the recipient and define fields that require action.
An audit trail of your documents are created when they have been edited, granting your administrators visibility and control over the whole transaction process.
With the ability to assign and review contracts instantly with legally binding documents which are backed by a court-admissible audit trail, business and transactions can be closed with efficiency.
DocuSign is simple to configure and customise as it’s been built for flexibility and can be integrated with most business processes, including Dynamics 365.


A free trial of DocuSign is readily available on AppSource:

Sales plans offer both monthly and annual packages as well as different brackets such as; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced API.

Find more information about available API pricing here:


DocuSign and GDPR


In a recent webinar (16/01/18), DocuSign demonstrated how to make a document template that can be sent to a bulk mailing list or to individual recipients that functions as a means of gaining consent from your data subjects. What’s more, as with all DocuSign resources, templates can be customised to your company’s brand.


Docusign Screenshot

You can enter many different details to sign a document with: like your printed name, a note/comment and the date.By simply dragging and dropping in the fields it makes signing documents quick.

Docusign Signed

When it comes to audit your data, DocuSign generates a certificate of completion which records ‘timestamps’ of when the document was sent, viewed and signed by the recipient, displaying evidence of a consensual agreement.

Automatic emails can be resent to unresponsive recipients with automated processes. In turn, reports and compliance checks for your contacts can be saved to your Microsoft SharePoint or CRM to streamline your data. For more information about how DocuSign can assist with your GDPR readiness procedures, watch their webinar here.

If you have any questions about DocuSign or would like to arrange a call with us about implementing this add-on with your Dynamics 365, please get in contact on 01273 921510 or email us