It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to step up and digitalise their processes and use technology to enhance all areas of customer experience and employee performance. Digital is becoming a central strategy for more and more companies to deliver a competitive advantage and reinvent the business for the modern world.

Going digital redefines how you bring people, data and processes together in your business – not only giving you a competitive advantage but also how you are adding value to your business. A Digital Transformation is all about taking that step forward.


Digital Transformation flow

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of the business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver to customers. Taking processes that are manual and time-consuming, and putting an automation in place allows for a much more efficient business, harnessing the power of AI.

Digital transformation is a way to engage customers, empower your employees, optimise your operations and transform your product.

Why does Digital Transformation matter?

A Digital Transformation is extremely forward thinking – especially in a digital-first world. You don’t want to get left behind in your industry, as it is something your competitors are already doing. Don’t let it be the reason that you can no longer compete in your field.

The move into digital allows for people and their relationships to become a strength on which to grow your business. People to people, sometimes called P2P, will become a critical success factor in the future. For companies that have embraced digital, training becomes easier and employees become more engaged with their work. Satisfaction increases across the whole of your business as a result of this.

Customer experience and trust can improve with a Digital Transformation as client insights are all in one place. Customer journeys can be tracked, and automation set up to ensure your customers received the most cohesive experience possible. This drives customer success – something that is becoming the most important aspect within your business.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Flexible working

Now with Cloud Computing, AI and automation, businesses have changed in the way that working can be flexible. On-premise databases become transformed to online cloud data which allows staff to work at home if needs be; to time-restricted activities being scheduled with automated workflows.

Efficiency improved

Digital transformation replaces many manual processes such as spreadsheets and lengthy data entry procedures into automated workflows and delivers quick, in-depth reports into your business operations helping you make better business decisions. Employees can spend less of their working time going through menial processes and more time with customers and strategic projects that will grow the business.

Consolidate Operations

Technology connects businesses with more than just customers but also company insights, social media platforms and team management. Putting you closer to your team and making it simpler and easier to manage and drive your workforce. A cohesive and collaborative team is a much more productive team.

Reduce costs

Transforming your business digitally naturally influences operating costs and profitability. Cloud computing replaces internal IT systems that previously would have been expensive and required an intensive workforce to maintain. With digital transformation cost management can move to improve business models and to discover new sources of revenue in customer engagement.

Customer Lifetime Value

Automated flows through the customer’s lifetime journey can extend it and enhance the customer experience. The Customer lifetime value can potentially expand due to the increase in engagement.

Customer Experience Lifecycle

IDC’s Customer Experience Lifecycle

How do I digitally transform and start to reap the benefits?


Get your business online quickly by purchasing a cloud licence to get using applications. Microsoft offer cloud packages such as CRM packages through Dynamics 365 and CRM add-ons to simplify and automate process. There is also the Office 365 suite and Security licences, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 licences can be purchased easily through the Cloud9 website here or getting in contact with us.


Using the right tools makes getting online easy. Ensure that you’re using up-to-date technology for your team, to deliver optimal operations to empower productivity amongst the team and that brings fast real-time information. Thorough training and support on the digital systems are imperative in making it a success. Here at Cloud9 Insight, we offer a rolling unlimited Membership Support for your CRM. We can help with anything from how-to questions, break fix, unlimited training and optimisation reviews. Check out our support packages here.

Process and Practice

Ensure that you have the right processes in place to make this transition smooth and that your customers are kept in contact with at the right points of their journey. As your business evolves, aligning the solution to your changing processes will be critical.

Company Culture and Adoption

Customer-centric, collaborative company philosophies ensure the most successful running of going digital. To make the most out of your digital transformation get everyone within the company involved. The digital transformation will affect every aspect of the business and change the way that many members work. Getting those in the company on board an making sure those changes happen within the culture of the business make for much better success. Optimise business processes with the right training to guarantee effective adoption. Cloud9 offer training for clients preparing for a project with training on-premise or at the Cloud9 offices.

We have created this white paper on Digital Transformation. Download your copy using this link to understand the steps you need to take to ensure your transformation is successful.

Give us a call and let us guide and support you on your digital journey.

Check out our recent webinar on Digital Transformation with Tech Quarters for more information.

Please click here for Microsoft must-read e-book on Digital Transformation.