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Start Light to Deliver Critical Requirements

Cloud9 recommend taking a pragmatic approach with the implementation of CRM. An initial light implementation is recommended, that supports business critical needs, with further phases planned to deliver additional CRM capability and ensure optimisation of your investment to achieve great user adoption. Second and third phases of investments can extend your benefits to new departments and roles, delivering increased levels of automation and streamlined customer and user experiences. If you have yet to get internal buy in and budget approval for your CRM investment, you may wish to commence your CRM project with one of our light Phase 1 engagements designed to help you get started on a light budget, prove the value of investing further and ensure long term flexibility of your investment. All phase 1 approaches will focus on one core functional area such as Sales, Marketing or Service and assume further phases will be planned within 3-9 months of an initial implementation. We have outlined our three main Phase 1 Approaches below, which are always tailored to your exact business and budget needs.

Services approach tailored to suit your Phase 1 budgets

80% of clients who invest no time in services or training to align CRM to meet their business needs, will not be using CRM one year later. Some level of investment in training and alignment of CRM to support your business processes will be required to ensure good use adoption. Cloud9 Insight have designed a very light budget CRM Project approach for clients on a small budget to ensure you get off to a great start when using CRM. This engagement is all web-based and tailored to your needs. During the training some level of personalisation will be included to show you how to simplify CRM. Additional training or services can be purchased by the hour as required. Clients can elect to have on-site training for sessions of 4 hours or more. Training is purchased by the hour and 2 hours is assumed for this engagement.

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