Everyone’s doing it, why aren’t you?

The Microsoft ecosystem by its very nature is a collaborative sphere, fostering a community of businesses seeking to become better equipped to serve customers collaboratively rather than find themselves as rivals.

As an Elite Service Provider to Ingram Micro, we at Cloud9 Insight are able to increase the value of both our services, and theirs through the power of partnering. As self-confessed pioneers in partnering, we’ve listed our top 4 reasons why you should get partnering with other businesses, right now.

 1. You can expand your network
By entering a partnership with another business, you’re immediately increasing the collective experience and expertise available to you to add value to your clients. Opening up discussions through your partners allows your business network to expand – at Cloud9, over 70% of all our leads are found through our partner channels. Not only are we seeing more leads, but leads that are better quality, and more likely to close.

2. You can offer a wider range of services and retain your customer base
It’s simple – by offering a wider range of services, your clients won’t need to look elsewhere. If you can help them identify and rectify any areas of business vulnerability, they’ll credit you for enabling their ability to scale and grow. By offering the potential for innovation at every level of the business, their development is far easier, meaning more happy clients referring you to others.

Within the Microsoft sphere, our programme offerings work better in collaboration – having an integrated system, your clients’ Microsoft experience will be maximised, proving how valuable your services are and ensuring a long-lasting relationship. We find it time and time again that being able to offer the full range of services your clients need increases their loyalty and stickiness with your business.

3. It’s easier to adapt to changing customer needs
Being able to adapt quickly and effectively is the deciding factor for resellers and clients needing to survive the COVID crisis. Partnering is a quick, low-cost and low-risk way to offer a greater range of services without upskilling or investing in new members of staff. This means you can focus on becoming a stronger player in your field when outsourcing for other services. If you aren’t having conversations with your clients about what they really need and offering it to them it is likely someone else may be.

4. It’s the future of doing business
Now more than ever, the agility of your clients will be tested. Many of their previously reliable routes to market will have been disrupted, or even cut off all together. Now may also be challenging financially for many business owners and employees, who are limiting their available resources to put towards survival.

With ‘creating the future of work’ as its purpose, Cloud9 Insight is no stranger to modern ways of doing business. As a Dynamics 365 Elite Service Provider for Ingram Micro, Cloud9 knows how to get the most out of partnerships. Learn more about how partnering has helped us grow our revenue by 60% in the last year.

If you are interested in what the combined Ingram /Cloud9 Partnership can offer around delivering a Dynamics Practice for your business get in touch with Mathew.Batterbee@ingrammicro.com or hello@cloud9insight.com