An internal competition run by Cloud9 to encourage employee participation in business strategy has been featured in The Times’ Raconteur section.

The competition, open to all departments across the company, encouraged the team to come up with ideas for how they would invest in the company to grow the business in revenue and profit – with a cash prize going to the winning team.

We have implemented new systems for onboarding recruits remotely, and created a ‘Fun and Good news’ group on Microsoft Teams exclusively to run messages and exciting announcements, promoting and prioritising family. One team member was even able to share his toddler’s first steps while on a Zoom meeting.

Speaking on the competition, CEO Carlene Jackson said:

“The market is changing and I feel that our business strategy should have input from all levels of the business, inclusive of all ages, with younger people and newer recruits contributing equally to those in leadership positions.

I found that team members have been really excited to be working with people they wouldn’t usually work alongside. It’s encouraging brand new connections which wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this crisis.”

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