As demand for cloud technology grows throughout the pandemic, it has placed greater demands on companies both big and small. As the lockdown eases, many businesses are already thinking about what they need to do next with their technology stack, as weeks of heavy reliance on it may have highlighted shortcomings in the infrastructure.

In Computer Weekly‘s article: David vs Goliath: How the smaller cloud firms have weathered the Covid-19 storm, Cloud9 CEO Carlene Jackson discusses the opportunities available for smaller cloud firms.

“I think for a lot of cloud businesses – as long as their brand is good and they haven’t had to furlough people – there is a lot of opportunity for them right now”

Time to move to the cloud?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to transform rapidly and embrace digital processes. If you’re thinking about future-proofing your business by moving to cloud CRM, our friendly team is here to help