Cloud9 Insight are in celebration mode as they were crowned winners of the ‘Developing People for Business Success’ award which was sponsored by Crawley College at the 2019 Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. This was an award that was presented to the company that had shown that they have a firm commitment to developing their people, through a systematic and effective process for identifying their workforce’s development needs.

Gatwck Diamond Business Awards 2019

Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2019 (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Cloud9 Insight take the approach that developing the workforce not only benefits the business and their clients, but also enhances the opportunities available within each employee’s personal career. Through coaching, shadowing and formal training, such as apprenticeships, it is essential to the business to guarantee that the best service is received by clients and that employees are given the chance to unlock their dreams and potential. Cloud9 understands that employee engagement is optimised when people’s personal, as well as work, ambitions are achieved.

Cloud9 invest in apprenticeships for both new and existing employees. They have found this scheme to be a great way to create new opportunities to bring in ambitious new talent. Cloud9 have also made significant further investment in existing talent with apprenticeships, with one of the apprentices, with no degree planning to study an apprenticeship MBA with The Open University. Whilst they also invest in employee development, Cloud9 also provide unlimited training with their membership support – this is something that has helped clients to excel their own knowledge and understanding of the systems they work with every day.

Developing People for Business Success Award - Carlene win

Carlene Jackson, CEO of Cloud9 Insight, says

“At Cloud9 Insight we usually recruit for someone’s potential rather than the experience they already have; the business is a training ground and we have a proven formula for helping individuals succeed and invest ahead of business need to ensure qualified talent can support business growth.

Winning this award means all the more to us as we have recently made a decision to become a government approved apprenticeship provider to support development of talent for the technology sector. After experiencing the shortfall in talent within the technology industry – we have been working with Microsoft and the extended community of Microsoft partners to become an Apprenticeship Provider. Microsoft are a leader in the corporate world for encouraging inclusion, diversity and support of the apprenticeship programme. The Microsoft community are very collaborative and even my “competitors” have sought my help to provide them with the outstanding talent that Cloud9 have a reputation for producing. We want to provide relevant degree level apprenticeships that will nurture and train apprentices to quickly support their future employers and give them the confidence and experience to hit the ground running”

After the awards, award sponsor Crawley College had the following to say about Cloud9,

‘Our winner has demonstrated a highly effective and innovative approach to developing its people which has significant, demonstrable and sustained impact on its business growth and profits. The CEO has a clear passion for developing all staff as a golden thread to its internal culture. She is a champion of lifelong learning and believes this is critical to the success of the company… They have a highly effective apprenticeship programme which has been held up nationally as an exemplar reference site by Microsoft. Staff love working at Cloud9, they have created a fun and dynamic culture which they champion internally, locally through schools and colleges and nationally through the Microsoft Partner network.’

Emily Wise, was also a finalist on the night for ‘Apprentice of the Year’ – the whole team at Cloud9 Insight are extremely proud.

Cloud9 Insight had a phenomenal time at the awards ceremony and would like to thank everyone involved in the event, including the organisers and award sponsors.