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To give some context, ClickDimensions empowers marketers to generate high quality leads and process lucrative opportunities. The tool connects the gap between sales and marketing by capturing data through forms, surveys, social, mail shots and website tracking. The activities save to your CRM records which gives your sales and marketing teams valuable insights into your prospect and customer preferences.

Whether you want to create email marketing campaigns like lead-nurturing or newsletters with views to keep your clients up to date, ClickDimensions is versatile for all your email purposes. I’ve been really impressed with how you can generate marketing lists instantly straight from Excel contact data and send bulk emails.

Click Dimensions Assets

Designing your email templates is very simple, especially when using the drag and drop editor. The arrangement and sizing of text and images are very flexible, allowing your emails to look professional and standardised from the header and body through to columns and footer. Fonts, colour schemes, hyperlinks and inserting images are also fully customisable. What’s more, ClickDimensions allows you to implement responsible subscription management settings with their benchmark rule that an unsubscribe option must be implemented on every email sent to over 500 contacts. This is great marketing practice and is ready for the imminent GDPR.

Click Dimensions 3 Social

My Favourite Features

  • Social: Add your company’s social sharing links to the footer of your template so recipients can circulate your emails. Also available as an add-on feature is the social engagement integration, allowing you to post activities on your social media channels and review performance analytics as well as manage publishing and campaign tracking from within ClickDimensions.
  • Web forms: Use the drag and drop designer to tailor and request information you want to capture about your prospects and customers. These forms can also be embedded into your web pages with a customisable URL. You can also use mapping tools to specify how data populates records in your CRM. It will even recognise duplicate data therefore either updating existing records or creating a new one.
  • Reporting: As a marketer I’m always evaluating my marketing efforts and ClickDimensions allows me to appraise every email campaign performance and ROI by offering reporting on unsubscribes, interactions, clicks and bounces.

Click Dimensions 4 Reporting

For more details on Click Dimensions and how integrating the product with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enhance your Marketing efforts, check out our page here or through the Click Dimensions website.

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