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Published by Amy Penfold on February 26, 2018

26th February 2018
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing has recently been revealed for public preview and if you aren’t aware of this new software that’s been a hot topic of gossip for the past year, it will soon be the marketing solution for every SME! “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is designed as the front end of the sales cycle to help companies nurture more sales-ready leads, align sales and

Published by Lily Vaughan on February 22, 2018

22nd February 2018
5 Marketing Tips to Transform your Business Outreach! For SMBs, it can often be challenging to prioritise time and resource for marketing campaigns. It can be tempting to give up with a plan when you fail to see any fast return or lose yourself in the world of digital analytics and what it all means. However, marketing is as much about brand awareness as it is sales, so we’ve put together five top tips that Cl

Published by admin on February 22, 2018

22nd February 2018
DocuSign offers an integration with Dynamics 365, providing a simple way to send and obtain signatures. By streamlining your workflows, this effective integration offers a legal, digital solution for obtaining those necessary signatures from anywhere in the world and without the need to print and scan. Benefits of DocuSign Add-on: Documents can be signed efficiently with pre-populated information about the rec

Published by Amy Penfold on February 19, 2018

19th February 2018
If you are not already creating automated workflows across different services and applications then your business needs Microsoft Flow. We all want to make our workload more manageable and with the advantage of the cloud and integrated smart solutions, Microsoft Flow allows you to sync files, collect data and work more remotely and collaboratively than ever before.