Jordon Grimes

Introducing Jordon Grimes, Office Manager


Quick Fire

Favourite Animal: Cat

Tea or Coffee:  Coffee, preferably on a drip please!

Favourite Sport: Drinking Gin… I only really ever watch sport on TV, although I ran the Brighton half marathon back in 2016 and trained for a year prior so if I had to choose I’d say running, but nowadays I only really run for the bus!

Favourite Film/TV Show: Walking Dead- anything zombie related!

Favourite Place in the World: Quesada is a beautiful village about 10 miles from Alicante in Spain. However, Las Vegas for New Year 2016 was amazing (and very expensive!)

What do you get up to outside of work? I travel as much as I can and I visit family and friends in Norfolk so I go to see them as often as I’m able. I have friends in Spain also who I try to see when I can. Living in Brighton is great for theatre and shows because there’s so much going on all year round so I try and participate in them when I can.


Work History and Cloud9


What are your previous experiences before joining the Cloud9 team? 

Before joining Cloud9, I was the Office Manager for a small business in Portslade. The role was very similar to my role here at Cloud9. I had 2 members of staff reporting to me and product development on the website also fell into my remit. I also spent 8 years in the finance team at The Pensions Regulator, covering credit control, payroll and management of accounts. During my time there I completed my basic accounting qualification too.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My biggest achievement was during my time at The Pensions Regulator when the company decided to bring our outsourced account management in-house to deal with debt collection, invoicing and reconciliation. It was my job to train new starters to learn how to use the new bespoke system and test before going live. I also taught my colleagues best practices for dealing with customers on the phone and over email as well creating a new debt collection process.