On premise vs cloud CRM – what are the pros and cons? 

On premise vs cloud CRM

Much has been written about the pros and cons of “on premise vs cloud” CRM software. The case for cloud-based CRM – and we refer to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 throughout this article – is compelling and growing stronger every month.  As I set out below, it’s not just about where data is housed, it’s also…

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Are you integrating your marketing and your CRM? (If not, why not?)

ClickDimensions Dynamics

It’s possible that you’re fairly (or even very) satisfied with your company’s marketing activities, whatever technology you’re using. But if you’re not integrating ClickDimensions with your CRM, you could be missing key opportunities to get your sales and marketing teams working together in the best way possible. ClickDimensions is a marketing platform that creates a…

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How we walk the walk with gender equality

Gender equality

One of the biggest challenges facing the UK digital economy is the urgent need to attract women to the sector. Currently, less than a fifth of employees in British tech jobs are women. That puts a duty on every tech firm to think about how we solve this. At Cloud9 Insight, we have achieved a…

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Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Here at Cloud9 Insight, we’ve been committed for several years to diversity and inclusion (EDI). It runs through the business like the words inside a stick of Brighton Rock. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner which, and 2010, we have provided more than 800 UK businesses with cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM software systems. That meant attracting…

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Why your business should target a niche – and how to do it

Targett a niche

Why would an organisation target a niche industry to market and sell to? The simple answer is that marketing and selling products and services successfully hinges on understanding the emotional behaviours and thinking of clients. If you can demonstrate that you really do understand a client, and you can actually understand their challenges, then you…

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Is Your Workplace Menopause Aware?

Menopause in the workplace

Here’s a startling reminder for you – or a wake-up call, if you didn’t already know. There is no prevention for menopause in women, because every single woman will go through it at some point after puberty.  This was one of many stark messages I and a group of fellow professionals reflected on today at a fascinating…

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Loop, video transcription and intelligent Outlook – our top takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 

Microsoft Loop

The curtain has just come down on Microsoft’s annual Ignite event and anyone expecting an abundance of new updates, products and services would not have been disappointed.  The virtual event, which focuses on end users, set the scene for some major announcements covering artificial intelligence (AI), security, collaboration, Metaverse and more.   So, with our laser focus on Microsoft’s Office apps suite, we’re…

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Building a marketing strategy on a shoestring

By Rachel King Marketing Director, Breathe HR As a company specialising in helping SMEs – and as a former SME ourselves – we know what it’s like to work on a tight budget. Over the years, I’ve gathered many hints and tips for start-ups or businesses just beginning to invest in their marketing efforts to…

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