“It’s important to get content out there. It doesn’t need to be studio quality – it’s about building a positive impression.”

Luke-Quilter-Marketing decanted for SMEs

Carlene Jackson, CEO at Cloud9 Insight, spent much of the pandemic speaking to brand and marketing experts for the Marketing Decanted for SMEs podcast. One of her guests was LUKE QUILTER, CEO of Sleeping Giant Media. They discussed the emergence of virtual brands and how businesses can strengthen theirs in a post-COVID world.   Carlene…

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How to communicate your ‘heart brand’

Steven Thompson Podcast image

Guest post by Steven Thompson, Founder of BIGDaddyDigital Here’s a phrase you might not have heard: heart brand. I believe everyone should have one and that once they locate it, they should share it. Before I explain how, I’ll tell you what your heart brand is. Think of it this way – if you were…

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Customer Retention With Dynamics 365 – Five Ways to Make it Work

Here’s something to bear in mind when you’re thinking about ways to acquire new customers: retaining a current customer by nurturing their loyalty can be less expensive and more profitable. As a rule, customers generate increasing profits each year they stay with a company. This means a small increase in retention can lead to big…

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Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator With Dynamics CRM

Dynamics Integration

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, released Sales Navigator in 2014, adding numerous features and integrations to the site in the following years. One such connection was with Dynamics 365. Understanding how to integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics CRM opens up one of the most exciting technologies for sales teams in 2021.   OK,…

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A Brief History of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Any history of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will end with the story of its ubiquity. In fact, some research shows the proportion of companies with more than 11 employees using CRM to be as much as 91%. CRM systems enable analysis of customer data to pin point the most relevant products and services to…

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Overcoming Common Manufacturing Issues With CRM

Overcoming common manufacturing issues with CRM

The key to overcoming common manufacturing issues with CRM is understanding the problems you are trying to solve. Manufacturers commonly face three major sales issues that affect efficiency and, ultimately, success.     These are:     Difficulty in organising information; Problems with managing distributors and customers; Challenges with collaborating among team members.   A…

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Why Dynamics 365 CRM is Right for Manufacturing

Why Dynamics 365 CRM is right for manufacturing

You might be wondering why Dynamics 365 CRM is right for manufacturing businesses. The fact is this sector was particularly badly hit by the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021. Supply chains were disrupted, workplaces physically transformed and seismic shifts in consumer behaviour emerged. Coping with these changes, while struggling to meet demand or…

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How CRM Systems Stimulate Growth in Manufacturing


A customer relationship management (CRM) system can help stimulate growth in any manufacturing business. Whether you manufacture a commodity or a made-to-order product, a CRM system will help you get ahead of competitors. Before we take a look at why, let’s remind ourselves some of the common issues that prevent growth in manufacturing.   Common…

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Why SMEs Need Dynamics 365

How CRMs benefit SMEs

If you could flick a switch and set your business on a path to steeper growth almost immediately, would you do that? Of course you would! This is exactly what a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you achieve. CRM systems, like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, can transform businesses by enabling them to engage with…

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