Customer Success

Customers have always been key to the success of a business. They are your best referrers and a recommendation from them could be your next sale. By making sure their experience is the best it can possibly be, the benefits can be exponential.  By 2020, it is predicted that customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiators for B2B.

Creating an emotional connection with your customer helps you create a longer lasting successful client journey. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more and have greater loyalty. Research has shown that on average loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

There are many ways to approach customer engagement and it differs for each industry and company, but the main message runs throughout. The more you engage your customer, the more you are likely to extend the full value from your relationship.

Cloud9 have collated our top ten tips to ensure that customer engagement is a key part of your business plan.

1. Recognise that not all customers are equal.

Not all customers are going to be equal. Be clear on your company values in your marketing and look to attract only clients that align with these. For example, new customers are at risk of getting lost if not looked after. Ensure that those that could be at most risk are looked after and given more of your time. Rather than a blanket process for every customer, consider tailoring your services and charges depending on their needs. You may even discover customers are happy to pay for a premium service.


2. Be aware of your customer touch points

Plan out the customer journey and consider the most important customer touch points and where a possible up sell can lie. You are meeting the experience expectations for each touch point. It would help to invest more time with some clients at certain touch points.


Dynamics 365 Customer Journey


3. Customer Service culture and training for every member of the team

When recruiting anyone for your business ensure that firstly they meet the values of your business. Secondly, ensure that they are customer-centric and have a genuine care of your clients and others. Encourage and reward behaviour that puts your customer’s success at the heart of your motives.

4. Have a portal – customers are wanting to self-serve

Forward thinking mature businesses are now putting in place secure portals which allow access and for clients to raise a ticket as well as source their own potential answer. FAQs can be placed here, and customers can answer their own query without having to pick up the phone. The ability to do that will save them time and yourself too.

5. Use of Queues

Place all the tickets in one bucket, as opposed to individual inboxes, for increased visibility as well as shared workload and to improve client experience in event of employee absence. By using queues, your team can become efficient with answering queries – which in turn enhances your customers experience – and no tickets get lost in the process.

6. Set clear client-focused SLAs

Ensure that these SLAs are achievable, monitored and drive the right behaviour. Schedule and manage resources for peaks and troughs in demand. By doing this your team becomes more efficient and tickets are resolved at a much better rate.


7. Integration with telephony for full visibility

Consider integrating a telephony system for full visibility of all customer touch points. Log calls real time and attach straight to the customer profile, creating greater visibility for everyone and in turn a better experience for the customer in the future.


8. Call recordings to ensure quality

Record all customer calls and analyse these regularly.


9. Implementing Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a feedback system in which your customers rank their experience. The benefits are two-fold – identifies advocates and detractors of the business to identify feedback to improve. See where your best customers are but also those who need better engagement. Adoption of NPS can also be highly motivational for employees to deliver the best customer service.


10. Reporting

Make sure to have a TV screen visible within the support team connected to CRM with Power BI to see what is really going on. Make sure it measures what the customer would actually care about.

Power Bi Services

Better engagement with your customers makes them a customer for longer and an advocate for future business. These are just some of the steps to ensure this happens. Have a chat with our team today to see how you can get a better grasp on your customer engagement.

Get in contact with on of our consultants today to understand how we can help you get started on a better customer engagement and plan for a better business future.