5 Marketing Tips to Transform your Business Outreach


For SMBs, it can often be challenging to prioritise time and resource for marketing campaigns. It can be tempting to give up with a plan when you fail to see any fast return or lose yourself in the world of digital analytics and what it all means. However, marketing is as much about brand awareness as it is sales, so we’ve put together five top tips that Cloud9 use (starting with our Dynamics 365, of course) to give your team some creative inspiration to further your outreach.


Dynamics 365

Every business approaches sales in different ways; from hundreds of outbound lead generation calls to those lucky enough to receive inbound leads and referrals. What is common however, is that there are critical stages to every sales process. Dynamics 365’s process bar supports any number of stages and all the relevant data capture, tasks and approvals.

Dynamics 365 screen shot

Once you have all of your data, the true benefit of CRM is being able to report on and manipulate your data at any time. The below pipeline funnel offers either the sum or quantity of opportunities that make up each stage. Many clients also use this to generate weighted percentage value reporting to gain a comprehensive insight into their predicted new business.

Dynamics Open Opportunities

We use ClickDimensions for email marketing. This is an advanced automated marketing tool that is natively integrated with Dynamics 365. It allows your sales and marketing teams to work in unison to generate high-quality leads and process lucrative opportunities. Data can be captured through forms, surveys, social, mail shots and website tracking. The activities save against your CRM records which gives your sales team valuable insight into your prospect and customer preferences.
ClickDimensions is so easy to use, we asked our marketing manager to tell us why she loved her first month using Click: Read more on her blog.


Microsoft Flow


Have you ever wanted to post directly to your social media profiles from your Microsoft Dynamics 365? Well, now it is possible using Microsoft Flow which allows custom integrations to be created to streamline your company’s marketing and communication efforts. The best part is that Flow doesn’t use any coding so it’s easy to get started and build links between over 200 applications.

Posting to LinkedIn from Dynamics 365:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FROLRkC7QTk[/embedyt]



Metadata should populate all your online content as an ‘underlying description’ to your videos, website posts, images and more. Metadata carries a huge importance in search engine ranking and helps boost your content visibility audience searching. Below are some key tips to getting the right metadata:

  • Use precise keywords. Accurate buzzwords can improve click-through rate, Google ranking and online indexing.
  • Image metadata: Use ‘Alt Text’, captions and descriptions on images that you upload to optimise your website for users with disabilities like visual impairment.
  • Keep metadata short. This is essential for mobile users as these descriptions tend to overrun on mobiles, in turn, decreasing click-through rates. The content itself needs to be readable, compelling and concise otherwise search engines can classify it as spam and damage your SEO.

Metadata Example

Digital Analytics

Analytics paves the way for better marketing strategies by offering a greater insight into your customer’s online activities. Applications like Facebook and Google Analytics offer comprehensive reporting tools to help pinpoint conversion paths, audience profiles and so much more!

We find the best way to use your analytics:

  • Analyse your data regularly to record patterns of every interaction on your social media and website. This can then be reported in planning meetings to progress your tactics as well as identify any issues.

For example, why are visitors leaving your website faster when they use a mobile compared to a desktop computer? The answer may be: website optimisation isn’t configured for mobile usability.

  • Analyse and manage your customer feedback promptly.
  • Use analytics to discover the best time of the day to post to social media and update your website to engage with your audience.


Local Presence


Having an active presence in your local community offers many benefits; not only enhancing your brand awareness but also showing off the wonderful people behind the business. Take some time for PR as it can shed a little limelight on your business such as running advertisements on your local radio station, applying for local business awards, hosting workshops or writing thought leadership articles and interviews for publications. This can awaken your nearby audience to an accessible service which is more local than they may have thought.

Networking clubs are a fashionable way of building professional relationships and can present more benefits than simply meeting new prospects…

  • People are more likely to recommend you and your business if you show credibility and win trust over time.
  • Meet with business representatives such as directors and managers of SMBs in an informal setting and have meaningful discussions face to face.
  • Host events and seminars in your local area for purposes of thought leadership and brand awareness. Cloud9 offer guidance on hot topics affecting business and technology like GDPR. Our GDPR seminars were co-hosted with 3 local partners to offer perspectives on the implication of GDPR from a marketing, finance, legal and IT standpoint.

Read more about Cloud9’s networking experience on our blog: https://www.cloud9insight.com/latest-news/the-business-network/



Search Engine Optimisation is instrumental in driving more traffic to your website. Now is the time to start taking a step towards improving your current SEO performance:

Social media


  • Choose social channels that are appropriate to what your business not only sells but also how it fits with the tone. Research proves that a large portion of people consults a brand’s social media profile before using their service or buying their products. An active, engaging social platform helps legitimise your business and allows you to create a web of content between your website and other social channels, raising your SEO.

We’ve found a social media plan is an effective way of anticipating when you want to share your content and the regularity shows prospects and customers you are interesting and committed.

Social Media Plan

Content generation

  • Make your content stands out from the rest. Commit to regular time frames of creation, editing and publication. This is particularly important with vlogs (video blogs) and automated email newsletters that customers have subscribed to. The driving force behind content creation should be to share knowledge with your audience and have a leading voice that comments on current news and changes in your industry. Use inbound links on your website and call to actions to promote SEO and engage with your followers.


  • Fine tune yourself for local searches. Include your location in tags, URLs, page titles and meta description to raise your profile. It is worth investigating the keywords your competitors use and relate to your products and services to raise your online game. Google Adwords allows you to analyse trends of keywords over time and narrow down your list to create effective search campaigns.

Device optimisation

  • The number of mobile users has finally surpassed desktop users, so mobile optimisation is more important than ever. Consider how your email marketing and website appears on a mobile device to ensure links are supported and pages are formatted to the screen. Another thing to consider is enhancing your images for mobile, trying to avoid large images with lengthy loading time. Otherwise, users will exit your quality content before it even loads.


Think we’ve missed anything? We’d be delighted to hear from you with any marketing tactics you are using?

And if you’d like to know more, please get in touch about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help manage your sales, marketing, customer service and so much more: call us on 01273 921510 or email us at hello@cloud9insight.com