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As specialist SMB partners, Cloud9 have created a new way to implement and fund your Dynamics 365 project. Not only does it allow for a single monthly cost to cover your project start up and your licenses, but it also provides you with ad-hoc support for users and start up training*.

Take a look our Platinum hand below to see whats included…

Dynamics Premium 365

For a monthly payment users can purchase and use their dynamics licence whilst being supported by Cloud9’s 1st line of support, the user can then access their unlimited bank of ad-hoc training sessions. This allows you to get to know Dynamics and also learn how to perform configurations to the system for future development. In addition to the all of this you then have access to the Cloud9 team for futher configuration to help support and implement your system.

Dynamics Premium Steps

Dynamics 365 Premium

Please see the full outline of this package here