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An investment in CRM is often a critical strategic priority for a fast growing customer centric business. Use CRM as a platform which encompasses integration of all areas of the business from sales, marketing, service, projects, HR, and... {Read More}
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For many financial services clients, the key driver for use of CRM is to support great client relationships. Becoming more responsive in communication and to gain insight by having a single view of the customer, anywhere, anytime. {Read More}
Resources in the third sector are scarce, so it’s vital they are utilised to make a difference. Not-for-Profit Organisations need technology that reduces administration burden whilst allowing continuation of mission critical work. {Read More}
At the heart of every successful business are the people who make things happen. And at the heart of Retail are the interactions between those people and the customers they serve – the interactions that make all the difference in... {Read More}